RGB Barrel Racks

The RGB Barrel Rack is an innovative wine barrel storage system which provides a high level of safety, manageability and space utilisation. Each rack holds two barrels and can be stacked eight high. In barrel sheds with sufficient roof height, barrel storage can be increased by 40% more. Unlike other storage systems, there is no weight on the barrel as each rack supports the weight of all the racks above it.

The rack has been tested to loads equivalent to seven times maximum operational load. It is constructed entirely of galvanized material with weld joints covered with cold galvanizing paint, or they can be hot dip galvanized. Stacks will be straight with the time-consuming practice of barrel-matching and precise positioning to achieve stability eliminated. Our system offers a safer alternative so that many occupational health and safety concerns can be avoided. With it’s interlocking feet, the RGB barrel storage rack is simply superior in terms of hazard mitigation.

With the ability to rack thin-staved barrels much higher than would otherwise be possible, warehousing is more economical and effective with productivity gains of up to 35% having been achieved. It is particularly effective in earthquake conditions where potential devastation has long been a major concern for the global wine industry. We have been successful in Australia, Canada, the USA and New Zealand thanks to recognition that our design is very effective in areas affected by seismic activity.